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Spending money on renovations of home gym

Quarantine has upset a lot of our lives.

I tried to make beneficial use all of the time at home.

I hoped to help my business. I’ve turned my two car garage into a home gym. I purchased some used fitness equipment that was still in good shape. I set up the treadmill, stationary bike and an elliptical in my new exercise area. I added a weight bench and a selection of dumbbells of various weights. I connected with a few people who were looking for a personal trainer. The demand grew and I was gaining new clients every week. When the quarantine interrupted everything, I had to quit bringing people into my home gym. I decided to use the time for genuinely useful projects. I thoroughly cleaned the exercise studio and all of the equipment. I also renovated some of the areas. The stimulus check was a helpful surprise. I used the whole check to put in new laminate flooring. I also bought paint for the walls plus ceiling. When I was done improving the studio, I was really thrilled with the results. When I can finally open up to my clients again, I am sure they will be impressed with the changes. I installed a state-of-the-art indoor air purifier that works to trap air contaminants and kill bacteria, viruses and fungus. I plan to limit the number of clients in my classes. I purchased an additional treadmill and am working to set up an outdoor space. I’ve spent enough money on this endeavor that I really need to open up for business again. I can’t keep going without an income.


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