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Unwilling to shut down yoga studio

My wife and I once operated a thriving yoga studio in the trendy section of the city.

We held classes throughout the week at all different times of day.

We offered yoga classes for beginners as well as experts and in a range of different styles. For the past four years, the yoga studio has done very well and continued to gain clients. We’ve made enough money that we invested some back into the business. We updated the flooring and replaced the heating and air conditioning system. We added a dehumidifier and installed an area for an office. We created a comfortable and welcoming environment for our students as well as ourselves. We now have a space to handle classes, our paperwork from the studio and locker rooms. It was always such a pleasure to head to work. We felt proud of our accomplishments and always took good care of the yoga studio. We kept our facilities clean and added little touches like candles and plants. Unfortunately, covid-19 has changed a lot of things for the worse. Our business is suffering. We were unable to hold any classes for several months during the mandatory quarantine. Now that we are allowed to reopen, it’s necessary to split the classes to one third occupancy. It’s impossible to make enough money to make the operation worthwhile. The rules and regulations are crippling our finances. My wife and I have tried to figure out a way around the laws, but there is no way to safely hold classes in our studio and still adhere to the law. We are unwilling to shut down the yoga studio. We know the coronavirus will eventually subside. Things will eventually return to normal. I do not think closing down our business will solve any of our problems. We are still hoping to find a way to stay afloat during this trying time. We are crossing our fingers that all of our former clients will return to class at the yoga studio.



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