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Complaints with air quality at the gym

I recently had some complaints with the air quality at the local gym.

  • It took me a while to figure out the cause of all my symptoms.

In early June, I started suffering from headaches, congestion, itchy eyes and sore throats during the day. I continually sneezed, coughed and needed to blow my nose. Although I’ve never had issues with allergies before, I blamed the pollen in the air. Then I realized that my symptoms were the worst on my way to work in the morning. Within a few hours, I tended to feel quite a bit better. By the time I headed to bed at night, I felt just fine. I finally came to the conclusion that the environment at the gym was to blame when I decided to take a yoga class on a Saturday. I usually only head to the gym Monday thru Friday. I’d also had no complaints with my health on the weekends. After that yoga class, I was right back to sneezing, coughing and taking medicine for a severe migraine. I then called up the management of the gym and expressed my concerns. I’d put it together that my symptoms showed up right when they started the air conditioner. They promised to look into it. The next time I visited the gym, there was a professional HVAC technician there, servicing the cooling system. After that, I had no more health problems. I was able to complete my morning workouts, head to the office and feel energized and productive for the rest of the day.

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