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Finding ways to workout while traveling by motorcycle

Every summer, my husband and I take four weeks to explore a new area of the country.

We travel by motorcycle and plan a route that avoids the major highways in favor of enjoying the landscape.

We’ve taken the Harley from the east coast all the way across to the west coast. We’ve toured up through Canada and down along the southern border. Traveling by motorcycle, we are restricted in how much we can pack. I need to choose outfits that wash up easily, are comfortable and versatile. The weather can range from chilly to sweltering, windy to rainy, and we need gear to protect ourselves. One of my priorities along the trip is figuring out a way to exercise. I normally workout every single day and am unwilling to neglect my fitness for a whole month. I pack my sneakers, my jump rope and workout clothes. I’m always relieved when the hotels we choose provide a fitness center. It’s a pleasure to get a good night’s sleep and spend an hour utilizing the equipment before we get back on the road. However, we try to save money by staying at smaller places that usually don’t offer any amenities. I often end up going for a run or jumping rope in the parking lot. I’ve even been forced to workout within the hotel room. I am convinced that taking the time to stretch and work my muscles keeps me from becoming stiff and sore on the trip. My husband eats breakfast and drinks coffee while I exercise. He refuses to so much as stretch. He often complains about sore hips, shoulders and back.

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