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Running is favorite form of fitness

To maintain my level of fitness, I prefer to run.

It’s a quick and easy way to burn a ton of calories.

Running doesn’t require a lot of specialized and expensive gear. If I have my sneakers, phone and headphones, I am ready to take off. I have no problem packing my sneakers in my suitcase when I travel. Even the hotels with very limited equipment in their fitness centers typically include a treadmill. If the hotel doesn’t offer a designated area to workout, I can always find a spot to run. I enjoy running in new places. I’ve run through Central Park in New York City, along the beach in Aruba and through the streets of Reykjavík in Iceland. Because I live in an area with very volatile weather conditions, I’ve invested in a top-of-the-line treadmill. The treadmill doesn’t need electricity to operate. The track is propelled by the motion of my feet. The track is also curved like a hammock. The faster I run, the higher up on the curve I get and the more rapidly the track moves. There are lots of advantages to this type of treadmill. I can go from a walk to a full-out spring instantly. When I quit running, the track stops right away. The treadmill is wonderfully quiet and because of having very few moving parts, should last a long time. It includes a monitor that displays my distance, pace, level of incline and calories burned. It also keeps track of my runs, allowing me to compete with myself. Despite this amazing treadmill, I still like to run outside in the fresh air whenever possible.


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