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Cold day outside makes me grateful for heaters

I met a cool guy at the bar yesterday.

We just really hit it off. So when he asked if he could see me again I quickly said yes. Then he invited me to the cemetery Wednesday morning. He said he goes to the cemetery and cleans old tombstones at least once a week. I have to say, I would never think to do such a thing but I decided to come along. I had second thoughts when I got up Wednesday morning and noticed how cold it was outside. It wasn’t supposed to get over 40 degrees all day. Still, I liked this guy and wanted to impress him so I bundled up and headed to the cemetery. We spent hours cleaning those old tombstones and just talking. I had so much fun that I almost forgot how cold I was. When we were done we went to a restaurant for some lunch. I am so grateful that the restaurant had their heater blasting away. It was so nice and warm in the restaurant that I almost didn’t want to leave. However, between the warmth and the good food, I got really sleepy. We decided to call it a day and I went back home. Once home I turned my furnace up to about 80 degrees and finished thawing out while I slept. Overall it was a good day. I plan on meeting this guy again on Saturday. Hopefully we do something more warm than cleaning old tombstones. A movie in a heated building would be my first choice. It could be his place, mine, or even a nice warm movie theater.

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