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I’m a devout believer in using air purifiers to assist the central HVAC system

There are instances of two different approaches to the same technology being deployed together to improve each other. A perfect example of this principle is prescription medication. A lot of medications modulate other medications when the two are taken simultaneously. A lot of treatment resistant mental health problems are tackled with multiple medications to achieve this effect. Hell, my best friend takes four different pills for his bipolar disorder each day, roughly three to four times daily. He claims that neither one of the four medications is enough to alleviate his symptoms to the degree where he can take just one and not the other three at the same time. But this effect is not just limited to medications. I deal with seasonal allergies that make it hard for me to breathe properly. In tandem with a clean central air conditioner, I like to use one or two portable air purifiers at the same exact time. They do so many great things for your indoor air. Since they utilize fans, they all contribute to dispersing and recirculating your air throughout your house. But my air purifiers also have HEPA filters inside, as well as powerful UV-C light bulbs. The HEPA filters take roughly 99.9% of all airborne particles out of you breathing air. Then the UV-C bulbs kill and sanitize any remaining contaminants within your indoor air. Between my air purifiers and my air control, I have ideal climate control within my house. My asthmatic symptoms and my seasonal allergies are all alleviating by using these machines in tandem with one another. It’s a serious privilege to have access to such amazing indoor air control.
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