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I’m cold at my in-law’s

When I was a kid we would always buy our Christmas trees from a home improvement store.

We would go to the home improvement store, pick out the tree we liked, and they would wrap it up for us to take home.

My husband was raised differently. His family would always go out and cut their own Christmas tree every year. The first year we were married we went back to his home town and spent time with his family. Sure enough, they waited until we got there to go cut the tree down. This entailed hiking through the blustery weather, looking at trees that were acres apart, then selecting one, sawing it down, and dragging it home. I have never been so cold in my life. I’m not used to being out in this weather. When we got back to the farmhouse I was happy for the fireplace. I just wanted to sit in front of the fireplace and thaw out a bit. My in-laws had other plans. It was time to decorate the tree! The house isn’t very warm unless you sit in front of the fireplace but I helped decorate the tree anyways. When we were done with that I just wanted to take a nap. My mother-in-law brought a space heater to our room so I could warm up. I am thankful for that. Apparently everyone else was perfectly comfortable in the fireplace heated house. I never truly got warm until we were back home, near civilization, after New Years. Next time we visit the in-laws I hope to do it in the summer months. They are wonderful people but I don’t like being cold.

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