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I’m excited to have new radiant heated floors a month ahead of the winter season

It’s not easy getting renovations done at home.

There is so much planning that needs to be done before anyone sets foot on the property. Not to mention I was getting this work done while the temperatures outside were steadily dropping each day. We had the choice to stay in a hotel while all the renovations were completed, or we could deal with the noise and the constant foot traffic of installation technicians and carpenters. Our two areas of focus were the bathroom and the flooring. We got a new vanity in the bathroom and had the old bathtub ripped out and replaced with a beautiful mosaic tile walk-in shower. We even got an upgraded toilet that comes featuring a bidet pre-installed. As easy and stress free as the bathroom renovations were, getting the floors ripped up were total chaos. At a certain point my wife and I gave up and went to a hotel. We were paying to have radiant heated subflooring put in underneath brand new hardwood floors which would sit on top. You have to dig out the floors all the way to the foundation to install the radiant heated subflooring. The process took a week, but I’m really happy that I went with this option. My wife and I agree that it is the most satisfying form of indoor heat the two of us have ever experienced. Despite the steep costs of getting the floors installed in the first place, the reduction in energy costs is huge. We’re going to have much smaller energy bills from this point moving forward, and I know whatever pets we get in the future will enjoy the radiant floors as well.

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