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My new air conditioner is whisper quiet while it cycles

I just went over my entire house and bought new appliances across the board.

I needed a new washer and dryer, as well as kitchen appliances like an oven, a new refrigerator, and a microwave.

Many of these items were purchased at a discount because I bought them together. I got quite a large chunk of money off the total because I bought so many of the appliances at the same time. Within the two large purchases, one was made during Black Friday deals and promotions, while the second batch was bought in an after-Christmas sale. My wife was worried that we wouldn’t have new appliances ready by February, which made it fulfilling when I met the demand and by her estimates I was early by several weeks. Still, there was one appliance that neither one of us had mentioned, and that was the central air conditioner and furnace. The HVAC system, minus the ductwork, is getting close to 14 years old. Sure, it still works, but the electricity use is higher than what most of my friends and family members get in this region in similarly sized homes. It took us a few weeks of looking around and gathering quotes, but we finally settled on an HVAC contractor to install our new system. I’m happy to say that not only is the new air conditioner much more energy efficient, but it is also nearly whisper quiet while it runs day and night. I know my wife and I are both sleeping more soundly as a result of this improvement. With all of these improvements recently, the value in our home should rise comparatively.

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