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Personal trainer provides motivation

For years, I struggled to find a workout regiment that I could stick with.

I tried working out to videos but never felt they were sufficiently strenuous.

Working out in my living room made it way too easy to be a bit lazy or skip the video altogether. For a while, I had some success with going for a run every evening. I gradually got tired of running the same route, my pace slowed and I eventually found excuses not to go at all. I then signed up for a gym membership. I hoped that by paying the fees, I’d be more likely to make use of the facilities. I once again started out strong, heading to the gym everyday after work and spending an hour utilizing the machines. While at the gym, I noticed an advertisement for personal training sessions. I realized that this accountability and guidance would be perfect for me. I needed expectations and someone to answer to besides myself. I immediately contacted the personal trainer and set up a consultation. We sat down together and discussed my fitness goals. I explained how quickly I would lose interest and get discouraged. We arranged a schedule to meet three days per week, and she outlined workouts for me to complete on the off-days. Whenever we meet up for a training session, I start out by stepping on the scale and getting my BMI measured. Because we chart the results, I am extremely motivated to stick with the plan and do well. The personal trainer is great about introducing new types of exercises and equipment into every workout. I am never bored and always challenged.


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