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Sedentary job leads to health and fitness concerns

My job requires me to sit in a chair in front of a desk and look at a monitor.

I vary between typing on a keyboard and making phone calls for up to eight hours straight per day.

My workload is horribly sedentary. While I use an ergonomic chair, I frequently get sore and stiff by the conclusion of the day. I’ve had complaints with migraine headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and lower back pain. I’ve dealt with aching joints and weight gain. A little over a year ago, I realized it was time to make some changes for the better. I was stressed over my health deteriorating and saw some major medical complications in my future. I realized I needed to start eating better and making more of an effort to be physically active. I began with a visit to a local health and wellness facility, where I consulted with a nutritionist and personal trainer. I was set up with a personalized meal plan to help me minimize calorie intake while increasing my energy levels. The nutritionist recommended that I quit drinking so much Coffee and soda. She said to avoid processed foods. She helped me figure out a grocery and design a menu that incorporates lots of different types of vegetables, fruit, tofu, quinoa, nuts and legumes. I then consulted with the personal trainer and talked over my fitness goals. I stepped on the scale and had my BMI measured. The workout sessions are extremely strenuous and high intensity. At first, I sort of wanted to quit, because I was very sore and tired after each workout. However, I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my level of stamina. I sleep deeper at night, am more productive throughout the day and enjoy a better mood. I no longer suffer so many aches and pains.


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