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Small town HVAC technician

My hometown is very small, and I know small town life is not for everyone.

Almost every single person I went to high school with has moved away since then.

The graduating class was eighteen, the largest in school history, if that tells you anything about the size of this place. Anyway, I found a pretty wife and decided to stay put, I like the slow pace and quiet demeanor of this town, and wouldn’t ever want to leave. The economy being what it is, especially since COVID, I have been scrambling to make ends meet. I am an HVAC man by trade, and the only certified technician in town, but there still isn’t enough business to pay my mortgage. I also was hosting a weekend bingo night for the locals, as a way to make a few bucks to supplement my HVAC job, but COVID killed that. I don’t want to frighten folks into getting HVAC inspections, but I have been letting them know that it has never been more important. If an airborne virus is going around the globe, you would think that air quality would be a very major concern for folks. Having clean air filters and good ventilation is more important than ever before, right, so it isn’t about the heating and the cooling, it’s about the purity of the air you breathe. To that end I have been calling some of my old HVAC customers, to ask how things are going, and if they have considered their air quality recently. Let’s hope it drums up some work!

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