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. Teaching a ladies fitness class

I have worked as a certified fitness trainer for the last fifteen years.

I’ve taken the required classes and gotten certified to teach yoga, pilates, spin and crossfit.

I typically teach out of a local fitness center, where I offer group fitness classes and personal training sessions. I absolutely love my job. Health and fitness are a priority in my life, and I enjoy meeting new people. I take pride in helping others achieve better quality of life. I’ve worked with girls who are hoping to get in better shape for their weddings and couples who are planning a honeymoon. I’ve trained pageant contestants and professional athletes and helped people recover from injuries. I’ve found that one of the most challenging groups to work with is middle-aged women. They start out very eager to lose weight and get in shape. They tell me how they want a high-intensity class to get the most out of their time. I’ve realized, however, that they typically don’t want to get breathless, sweaty or sore from the workout. The rate of women who drop out of my ladies fitness classes is very high. I refuse to run a class where we simply sit around and chat. There is always a small percentage of the class who truly wants a rewarding workout and are prepared to be challenged. I cater to those women, guiding them toward greater strength, stamina and flexibility. My goal is to push each student to their physical limits and assist them in achieving their goals. I strive to motivate and get results.

Personal Fitness Trainer