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The ac/ repairman gets busy fixing my system at the start of summer

I felt like last winter lasted forever.

I stayed the entire time indoors, working online, and binge-watching movies.

My house is on the ground floor in the whole apartment, and the landlord maintains a flower and tree nursery nearby. The place gets twice as cold during cold seasons, so I end up running the air conditioning system throughout even when I am asleep. When winter finally gave way to summer, my central heating system failed to deliver cold air. From experience, my first suspect was a faulty fuse, which I now know how to check, having witnessed an a/c repairman fix a furnace/heater repair before. But it turns out it wasn’t, so I alerted the HVAC company that gave me homeowner solutions, and they sent over an air conditioning professional the following day. The cooling industry gets busy the whole summer with air conditioner install, air filter cleaning, and replacements here and there. So if you do not book for early service, your air quality may stay poor for a while before your cooling and heating provider comes to your rescue. Personally, whenever I detect a problem, I look for a new contractor if my regular technician can’t make it in time. He was available this time, and his assessment revealed a faulty capacitor that prevented me from getting cool air. The timely repair saved me the headache of explaining to the landlord that I spoiled his ac, again, and he might need a new HVAC installed, but that wasn’t the case. Most of the time, if the air conditioning business can’t fix your problem fast enough, they simply ask you to replace it.

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