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This heat pump is a godsend

If I have learned anything from this era of COVID, it’s that nothing is more important than relying on myself.

  • Living in a society means you rely on everyone around you, and the social contract has us all taking care of each other.

You can hire experts to fulfill most of your needs (fix your car, build your house, even deliver your food) but if those experts are on quarantine, and the businesses you need are closed, then what? I need to become a lot more self reliant now, because who knows what the future holds? This is why I invested in a geothermal heat pump, so I would not be dependent on the main power grid. A geothermal heat pump is a device that collects the natural energy inside the earth itself, and extracts it to store and use. Having one of these can power my whole house better than solar panels, from the water heater and the AC to the hot tub and the kitchen appliances. There are a number of power cells, where the geothermal energy is stored by the heat pump until I need to use it. Right now I have enough energy in supply to run my HVAC system and interior electronics for the next six months, and that’s with no additional energy! If I had the extra money for a limitless supply of the power cell, I could theoretically keep storing an infinite amount of energy from the geothermal heat pump. But I don’t have the extra money, so I’ll just leave it in the ground.

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