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Trying out different workout videos

He’s helped me to set goals and combine different styles of exercises for maximum benefit.

For a long time, I prefered to do guided workouts. I like having someone else tell me what exercises to do and how long to do them. It was easier than trying to figure out what to do on my own. I lacked the confidence to structure my own workouts and worried about keeping thin, healthy and fit . For a while I was trying out a variety of workout videos online. I was able to find all sorts of options for free. There are workout sessions that strictly target abdominals and those that work on cardio or strength training. I chose to do yoga, tried out something called beach bodies and did a few workouts that incorporate weights, resistance bands and other types of equipment. However, I didn’t feel that I was getting a strenuous enough workout or burning sufficient calories. I was looking for something more demanding that would target all the different muscle groups. I hoped to be breathless by the end of the session. I started researching options online and came up with the idea to hire a personal trainer. While a personal trainer is a lot more expensive, it’s also way more worthwhile. I still have someone providing instruction for my workout, but a knowledgeable professional pushes me a lot harder. He has developed a customized workout to improve stamina, strength, flexibility and stamina. He’s helped me to set goals and combine different styles of exercises for maximum benefit. I meet with my trainer four times per week and am motivated to workout on my own on the off-days. I’ve noticed a significant improvement in my energy levels, muscle tone, weight and even my mood. The one-on-one personal training is way more beneficial than watching a video on my computer.


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