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Underfloor heaters may have stopped working

My aunt has been asking me to take the kids up to visit her for years now.

Finally, we decided to go ahead and do it.

The kids have never seen snow so we thought it would be fun to have a white Christmas up at Aunt Becky’s house. Aunt Becky was so excited. However, soon after we arrived there was a problem. You see, Aunt Becky has underfloor heating. She has pipes that run under the floor and connect to a boiler. These pipes keep the whole house nice and cozy warm. There are even pipes that run under the driveway and keep the snow and ice off. Well I was the second to the last one to take a shower on the day of our arrival and I noticed that there was no hot water. I mentioned it when I got out of the shower so that my wife wouldn’t have to suffer through a cold shower too. Aunt Becky started getting worried. She said that the hot water heater was the same boiler that they used for the underfloor heating. It shouldn’t run out of hot water. Without underfloor heating, the pipes in the house would freeze. Plus, we would all spend a very cold night at her house. She called up the boiler repair company and explained the situation. They told her it was probably due to all of the showers and that the boiler pipes under the floor should be just fine. They said to wait and hour and see. Sure enough, the underfloor heaters continued to work and the hot water returned in the bathroom. We just need to take shorter showers tomorrow night.
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