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Felicia has to change her tune quickly

Felicia hated to do it, but she had no real option other than to go as well as talk to her dad as well as ask for his help.

She wasn’t going over there and asking for money, she just wanted to guess what to do as well as how exactly to get herself out of the mess she was in. When Lou started Lou’s HVAC, he took a legitimately low salary for himself. He took the same exact amount he had been making before, however plus, it was years before he ever went and hired additional cooling system specialists to cover a piece of the work. Felicia didn’t do that. Lou conceded that she did need the help, as there were massive physical limitations on what she could do herself. But Lou told his daughter she had some hard decisions to make. He advised instantly that she just close Felicia’s Heating as well as Air Conditioning. He could hire her employee as well as take her rapidly back on the payroll, as well as he could pay enough for the contractor that she would be able to afford the small contractor loan. That was a generous offer, but Felicia easily wanted to be her own boss as she enjoyed Felicia’s Heating as well as Air Conditioning as her baby. Since she would not sell the brand new HVAC shop, Lou advised that she take a dire reduction in her personal salary. She was already making almost as much as Lou was, as well as he had been running his own shop for decades! He understood that she wanted a nice apartment as well as a comfortable life, but Felicia’s Heating as well as Air just couldn’t support as much as she was taking from the business. She decided to do it as well as also had to buckle down as well as take every last HVAC call that came in instead of being picky.

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