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Felicia sticks around the HVAC shop

Felicia wanted to get full salary and 401k savings when she went to work at Lou’s HVAC, but because she was merely a recent graduate of the heating as well as cooling technology program, she still had to start as an intern just enjoy almost everyone else; It didn’t matter that the longstanding owner of Lou’s HVAC was her dad Lou, and most of the time, she truly was okay with it. However, she did long for the day when she could find her own way in the world, six weeks after she began her internship; Lou’s HVAC manager called her into the office. She had been a little rude to a stupid coworker the day before as well as she was worried that she was in trouble, but thankfully, the opposite was true. She was going to become a certified cooling system repair as well as dedicated service specialist, but her days of being an intern were coming to an end. She honestly was happy because she knew that Lou’s HVAC paid the techs enough money to live on in this modern world. That had always been pressing to her dad; Not a single one of them was going to get rich, but they gained a reasonable salary, as well as she learned that finally Felicia could gain that good salary, too. Felicia no longer had to shadow the other cooling system techs as well as she felt like she could go out on the cooling system service calls by herself. She worked long days as well as worked hard, as well as she was often recommended by repeat customers who called in. Lou remembered his early days, before he opened the shop, as well as remembered how Lou, too, had been the most recommended cooling system specialist at his outdated company of employment. He wasn’t the only one who remembered, either.


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