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A warm furnace and a hot cup of coffee.

Winter is not my favorite season, but I’ve learned how to deal with it.

Even though it is cold and miserable, I like being able to sit back and not do anything.

During the summer, I have all kinds of job to keep me busy. I need to take care of the lawn and the shrubs. The house needs repairs and I am always out tending the BBQ. The weather is always hot and humid, and I would much prefer to be inside with air conditioning. Even in the house, unless the air conditioning unit’s thermostat is set at less than seventy, it can still be hot and humid in the house. When winter arrives, I prefer to be sitting in my easy chair, a cup of coffee in my hand that has been liberally dosed with Irish Cream, and the television remote in my hand. I don’t need to go outside and do anything. I don’t want to go outside and do anything outside. There is no lawn work to keep me busy, and very little construction. I prefer to be sitting in my husband where I have the joy of being kept warm and comfortable with my heating system. I have the furnace and I also have a fireplace that is right in front of my easy chair. If you can think of a reason for wanting to be out in the cold and snow when I have coffee and a comfortable chair, please tell me. I’m ;sure I can convince you differently when you’re sitting in front of the fireplace with me.

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