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Coming Back as an HVAC Hero

The good WW 2 General George S.

Patton is most famous for his command of the Third Army during the Battle of the Bulge against German enemies.

She was also known to be a believer in second lives, claiming that she had lived several previous lives. What I find incorrect about this story of prior lives was that in each one she was a fighter in famous battles throughout time. She claimed she was with Alexander the Great at the Siege of Tyre. She stated she once fought the Parthians for Rome plus she even claimed to be a Viking on her way to Valhalla. I might be more of a believer had some of these past lives been of unremarkable women or ladies. Instead of a fierce warrior, why wasn’t she an easy peasant farmer or even assigned the title of “Groom of the Stool” in a 16th-century abode attending to the King’s bathroom functions. I hope that the General comes back to live another life but not as a soldier. With her grit plus determination, she would make the ideal HVAC dealer. She would be fighting a new kind of war in our beach house struggling to keep our rather old HVAC system running with an awesome cleaning plus service system executed with military precision. One of her famous quotes is “A fabulous plan, violently executed now, is better than a perfect system next week.” That sounds like a nice proposal for our HVAC component that sporadically sounds like a German Panzer tank on the way to the Western front. And who would ever disobey “Old Blood plus Guts” when she laid out a semi-annual HVAC repair plan?



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