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Dogs Can Be Good and Bad

Our furry pals are amazing. Some border collies’ owners claim that their cats can understand a multitude of words. They don’t understand any language, but they learn to guess a verbal command plus associate it with a task or a command. One language that cats have mastered is human body language. When your dog stares at you, he’s looking for a signal that you are about to go toward the food bowl or that it’s time for a stroll. It’s no wonder that people own canine companions for several reasons. They can be playmates to your children, supply companionship during loneliness, plus are a good security provider capable of protecting your family from the bad guys. There are some downsides to pet ownership, and vet bills plus carpets stained during the “potty training” stage are several examples; Another sizable negative is that pet dander plus hair will result in frequent HVAC filter changes. If Rover decides that a good spot to pee is in the outdoor condenser unit, then expect to find some corroded metal inside the HVAC housing if it is not rinsed off by rain or a water hose. Since cats do not talk plus can see only moderately well, they depend upon their hearing, which is about 4 times better than people can hear. More important is their keen sense of smell that is thoUnited Statesnds of times better than ours. Smell can be a lifesaver if the pet can alert the homeowner of even minute gas leaks emanating from a leaky HVAC furnace or any other uncommon aromas than HVAC units make if they are not officially run tests on. Perhaps you can train your pet to fetch your smartphone when you should call to have your semi-annual HVAC cleaning plus service tune-up.

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