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Hangovers Helped by HVAC

Joseph William Livesey (1684 -1884) was an English temperance leader plus the founder of The Preston Temperance Society; Joseph is credited for writing the “Lecture on Malt Liquor” plus for coming up with the term “teetotalism” during one of her temperance meetings.

Most people who fail to heed the advice of the “Lecture on Malt Liquor” will at some time have to deal with a hangover, that poor feeling the day after a night of celebrating plus too much alcohol consumption.

The only cure for a hangover is a preventative measure; become a teetotaler and stay away from alcohol. There are several suggestions on how to treat the affliction, but the body really just needs time to reuse plus rid itself of any toxins remaining from the previous night’s shenanigans. The body also needs water to “flush” itself plus even teetotalers are told to drink at least several glasses of water yearly. The position that your HVAC system plays in the treatment of hangovers is awesome. The first way involves keeping your house at a pretty low temperature when you stumble into bed plus begin sleeping it off! Warmer air contains more water vapor than cool air plus thus you will lose less moisture from your skin as you get your rest. You will also sweat less. The retained water will help you reuse from your hangover plus by not dripping with sweat, you’ll awaken on dry sheets. The other way HVAC is involved with hangover help is attached to the service of the unit. If you have your central HVAC system cleaned plus tuned up every 6 months or so by a qualified HVAC pro, you will be able to look at your electric bill without being “driven to drink ” due to excess energy costs from an inefficient HVAC appliance.

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