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HVAC on Softball

Wanna-be athletes with no way of making even the high school baseball team end up on the team that plays slow-pitch softball. There are church leagues, industrial leagues, the so-called “beer” leagues, plus the ever-popular co-ed teams. The biggest “reward” comes from winning the end-of-season game plus celebrating love World Series winners with your teammates smiling and getting the trophy that will be on display at the workplace, bar, or church. Teams usually start out as losers where the focus is on having fun plus making sure that lesser skilled players do more than sit on the bench. For most teams, the hunger for victory becomes important, so teams will seek to improve. Better players join the team, lesser players decide to hang up their cleats, plus soon the team is focused on winning over just having fun. Of the millions of softball players here in our country, I guess that a disproportionate number of players work in the HVAC industry. I have no proof of this but when I go out to see our old team, I see T-shirts plus uniforms with the name of an HVAC company printed on them. If you walk into any HVAC company, you will likely see a team picture with players holding up their championship prizes. And when you guess about it, qualified HVAC techs are generally in good shape, guess how to stick to a schedule with all the repair work they do for buyers for their semi-annual HVAC cleaning plus service. Best of all, they have strong wrists that are essential for batting with gusto. So, if you’re a manager of a softball team looking for talent to make your team the champion, a good location to find a new star is with the local HVAC companies.

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