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I can’t imagine life without my HVAC appliance

That had to be especially tough to deal with

When you are born and raised in the South, I suppose finding a cool spot just comes completely natural to us. If you have experienced the heat and humidity that the warm season brings to this area, you’ll easily know what I mean. However, once that it is actually over, the weather here is completely gorgeous. That can make being stuck inside the Heating and Air Conditioning cooling somewhat more palatable. But, it sure does take some adjusting and it isn’t for everybody. It does get completely hot and it doesn’t let up for months and months. It’s certainly best not to stay in the Heating and Air Conditioning all the time. I make sure I get out and enjoy the afternoons in order to become adjusted to the warm season temperatures better. That way, the Heating and Air Conditioning setting of 68 plus inside the dwelling feels a whole lot more cool. It is really unimaginable to myself and others that there was a time where the heat and humidity had to be endured without new Heating and Air Conditioning appliances. But, our Grandma certainly can attest to this. She remembers being raised in a dwelling where the only cooling comfort was a fan. Her first dwelling had an evaporative cooler which helps cool the air. But, it’s honestly nothing compared to the consistent and reliable cooling coming from the Heating and Air Conditioning heat pump. That had to be especially tough to deal with. I realize that I celebrate that first day each fall when the heat finally breaks. But that celebration is tempered with a bunch of gratitude for our Heating and Air Conditioning and the cooling comfort it creates.
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