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I dropped the A/C trying to repair the machine

I’ve had the same AC machine and the living room for the past 10 years.

It’s never given me any trouble until this weekend.

It was very warm in the living room and I decided to turn down the temperature on the AC machine. When I adjusted the temperature, the whole machine shut down. I thought that I tripped the breaker in the garage. I checked the fuse box and everything appeared to be fine. I tried to unplug the AC machine, but even when I tried a different outlet, I still didn’t have any power. I put the AC machine on the table in the living room so I could try to repair the problem. I was on the phone trying to watch some videos, when the dog came running through the house. He slammed into the leg of the table and the air conditioner fell on the floor. The whole corner of the machine was damaged and the front of the vent was crushed. The dog stood in the middle of the floor wagging his tail. He didn’t realize that he just cost me $300. I couldn’t be mad at my best bud. I was going to try to repair the machine, but now it seems like I might as well just replace it with something new. I’m not certain if I should be angry with the dog or happy that he saved me a couple of days of aggravation. The old machine was worn out and on its last leg and now I have the perfect excuse to buy a new one.

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