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Our apartment is colder than anyone else's

My best friend James and I rented an apartment together so both of us could move out of our parents house.

Neither one of us could afford the rent on our own, but we can handle the bills together.

James and I searched for an apartment in our price range, but it took six months to find the right place. We had to settle for an older apartment building by the river. The apartment community has a pool and tennis courts, but the apartments are old and they need to be renovated. James and I knew we would have to settle when we saw all of the prices of the apartments in our neighborhood. Our apartment isn’t terrible, and we have a lot of great neighbors. Our biggest complaint would be the heating system. Mine and James’ apartment is colder than anyone else’s apartment in the building. We have a couple of friends on the second floor and we have been to several other apartments in the building. None of them seem to have the same trouble with the heating system that James and I do. I told my friend that we need to call the maintenance supervisor, but he doesn’t want to complain since we have only been here for two months. I know winter is right around the corner. If we don’t fix the heater now, we are going to freeze in January. The average daily temperatures are only above freezing. We are going to need the furnace to work properly in order to keep from freezing to death.


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