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The guy didn't even call me back after the first date

My mom and dad have an older house and the furnace is always acting up.

My mom and dad have used the same furnace repair service for the past 10 years.

Usually the owner of the company is the person that performs the furnace service. The guy is about 60 years old and he has a big beer belly. Last time my mom and dad called someone to service the furnace, a much younger and very handsome guy showed up. I found out that the young gentleman is the son of the owner of the heating company. The guy had really pretty blue eyes and a terrific smile. He also had a great laugh, which is why I agreed to give him my phone number when he asked. I didn’t tell my mom and dad that he asked for my phone number, because I just turned 18 and I knew they would have a fit. I called Joe a few days after the furnace repair appointment. Joe asked me to go to dinner and a movie on Friday night. I didn’t have any plans so I agreed to see him then. Joe picked me up in his truck, but we met at the corner. I didn’t want my mom and dad to give me a hard time for dating the heating company technician. Joe and I saw a thriller and we had a nice dinner after the movie was over. I thought we had a great time and I know we had some major chemistry, but the guy didn’t even call me back after the first date.

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