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The heater smelled like rotten eggs and the water glasses were dirty

The heater smells like rotten eggs.

My brother was the first one of us to go to college. My sister and I missed him a lot after he left. We decided to drive to the college one weekend so we could go to a party and hang out with Jim. We took my car because it gets better gas mileage. My mom and dad weren’t thrilled with the idea of my sister and I driving all the way to the college without a chaperone, but they let us go. My sister and I could not stay at the dormitory, so we had to get a hotel room by the college campus. Neither one of us were old enough to rent the hotel room, but my brother put the room in his name. My sister and I didn’t have a lot of money, but my mom and dad gave us cash for the room and our food. We had a really fun weekend hanging out at the college, but the hotel was a total bust. My sister and I were stuck in a hotel that had dirty water glasses. That wasn’t even the worst of it. The heater smells like rotten eggs. It was 42 degrees outside at night and my sister and I were forced to run the heater in the hotel room. Every time the fan blew the warm air in my direction, it smelled like rotten eggs. It was one of the most foul odors that I have ever smelled. The heater and the dirty water glasses were bad, but we still managed to have a great weekend with lots of fun memories.

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