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The website and advertising ideas are the future of the company

I worked very hard to build a successful company.

  • I had to work 7 days a week and I didn’t take a vacation during the first five years that I was in business.

My wife and I argued all of the time. Both of us thought about closing down shop several different times. When my son and my daughter were born, I decided to slow down. I hired a couple of HVAC repair technicians to work on the weekend. I wanted to spend time with my wife and my kids. I still work very hard to maintain success within the HVAC repair company. The company has been open for 25 years and now my son and my daughter are ready to join me in the family business. A lot of people might think that my son works as an HVAC repair technician, but he is actually a website and graphic designer. My daughter is the one that was always interested in working with her hands. She works alongside me on HVAC repairs and installation jobs. She has been working with me since she was big enough to hold a wrench. My son works in the family business as well. He maintains our website and comes up with advertising ideas. My children are the future of this company. I’m glad that I took time to spend with them when they were young and I love sharing this business with both of them. They think the family business is awesome. If I would have neglected my family and made the business my number one priority, they may have grown to resent me.


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