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We both work from home all the time

My wife and I have had to make some adjustments since the two of us started working from home.

  • My wife was the first person to leave the office.

Her boss asked for volunteers to start working from home. My wife turned the den into an office. I continued to go to work every single day, despite the fact that the covid-19 brothers were rising every day. About three weeks ago, three of the top executives tested positive for the Coronavirus. The very next day, I found out that we were all going to start working from home. I had to empty all of my file cabinets and bring home all of the stuff from my office. Since my wife commandeered the den, I had to turn the basement into my office. Unfortunately, the basement needed a lot of cleaning before it was comfortable. I had to sweep the floors and get rid of all of the dust and the cobwebs. The basement was very cool and moist, so I bought a heater with a dehumidifier function. I usually run the heater for a couple of hours in the morning. It takes the chill out of the air and the rest of the day is usually very comfortable. The dehumidifier didn’t cost a lot of money, but it works very well. It even removes some of the musty smell from the basement. Until the pandemic is over, my wife and I are stuck working from home in these conditions. It is better than going to work and risk getting exposed to the virus.

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