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We saved 20% because we waited until the sale

When my wife and I found out that one of her co-workers tested positive for the coronavirus, we were very unsettled.

  • Both of us were worried and we decided to quarantine together.

While we were away from work, my wife and I decided to shop online for an air purifier. We found several different models available in the price range that we wanted. Unfortunately, some of the air purifiers required a professional installation technician. My wife and I thought it was silly to buy an air purifier online if we needed a professional to install the machine. I decided to call a couple of heating and air conditioning companies that specialize in indoor air solutions. My wife and I made an appointment to meet with a salesman. We talked about our options and the type of air purifier that we wanted for our home. My wife and I found exactly what we wanted and we set up an appointment for the installation date. The salesman told me that they were having a sale on all air purifier installations starting on the first of the next month. If my wife and I were willing to wait 8 days to have the air purifier installed, we would be able to save 20%. My wife and I were nervous about waiting and we really wanted the air purifier. Still, we couldn’t pass up the opportunity to save several hundreds of dollars on the expensive purchase. We waited eight days and we took the first available installation appointment when the sale started.


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