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I get HVAC service and buy things while he is gone

Since my husband never leaves the house, when he does I go crazy.

I can clean the house top to bottom and he won’t be in the way. I can mop, wash his sheets and stay up super late. I don’t eat dinner until 8 at night and I watch really bad TV shows. I also take the time to do projects that he doesn’t approve of. I alway get the HVAC serviced while he is gone. My husband feels it is a pointless thing and that I am throwing money away. He says our HVAC works totally fine. Well it works fine since it gets yearly oiling, lubrication and tightening because I call for it. I also make sure to get ductwork cleaning when I can. I do a lot of sanding, scrapping and demolition in the house. The dust gets up into the HVAC ducts and just stays there. I always know when it is time for ductwork cleaning because the dust irritates my nose, throat and eyes. I start sneezing, coughing and feeling sick. When my husband leaves, I get the ducts cleaned out. I am thinking this time I am going to get an air purification system installed. It will require yearly service and air filter changes, but I will make the HVAC contractor do that. I like the idea of removing smells and dust from the indoor air quality. I want my indoor environment to be as clean as possible. It is that extra step that can really make a difference in the long run.

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