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Loving the heated floors installed in ski cabin

Every year, over the Christmas holidays, my family takes a ski vacation.

We rent a cabin that is steps away from the slopes.

My husband and three kids can’t wait to strap on their skis and spend all day flying down the hills. The cold doesn’t bother them. I tend to spend the majority of my time in the cabin. While I like to ski, I don’t like to be cold. No matter how much I bundle up in layers of clothing, I still shiver. I’ve spent a fortune on specially designed thermal underwear, coats and gloves that are supposed to keep me perfectly warm. With temperatures often in the teens, the only thing that keeps me warm is staying inside. I am totally happy relaxing inside the cabin while the rest of the family skis. The cabin we rent every year is equipped with radiant heated floors. The heating system is the best luxury ever. The first year we stayed there, we were initially concerned that there was no heating system. We didn’t expect the equipment to be entirely concealed beneath the floor. When we turned up the thermostat, we immediately felt the heat beneath our feet. There is an independent thermostat for each room that allows us to customize the temperature setting to our personal preferences. The heat spreads evenly across the room and radiates into the air. It creates a very even and gentle comfort. There’s no cold spots or drafts, and it makes no noise whatsoever. No matter how cold it gets outside, the inside of the cabin is warm and cozy. I would love to have radiant floor heating installed into my home. I wish I could afford to tear out the furnace and ductwork and replace them with heated floors.

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