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I love riding my bike for a workout

After spending the majority of our lives in the northern part of the country, my husband and I recently moved south.

  • It has been a huge change and improvement for us.

We were accustomed to dealing with snow, rain and cold for the majority of the year. With temperatures often below freezing or even in the negative digits, we were mostly kept indoors. I was used to handling my workouts inside the house. Now that the weather is mostly sunny and warm, I am able to exercise outside nearly every day, all year round. I absolutely love it. Feeling the sun on my skin and breathing fresh air helps to motivate me. I enjoy much more productive and beneficial workouts. I immediately bought a bicycle and outfitted it with a basket and holsters for my phone and water bottle. I have a cordless speaker that I strap to the handlebars so that I can listen to music while I cycle. I am fortunate to have a bike bath accessible from my new house. The path is paved, doesn’t allow motorized vehicles and stretches for over eighty miles in either direction. It winds through the woods and the scenery is beautiful. Sometimes I ride my bike for hours and enjoy every minute of it. Most of the time, I ride my bike to a nearby soccer field. It takes me about twenty minutes to get there. I then spend at least 45 minutes at the field going through variations of lunges, squats, mountain climbers and abdominal crunches. I like to use the sidewalk to run wind sprints. I spread out a towel so that I can thoroughly stretch my muscles. I then get back on my bike and pedal home. I can easily increase the intensity of the workout by shifting to a higher gear or pedaling faster. It’s always a great workout and puts me in a happy mood.
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