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HVAC and overtime are normally synonymous

There isn’t anything abnormal about working late when you work as an HVAC technician.

When the HVAC company owner specifically asks you for help on an overtime job, it can be a bit concerning.

I thought maybe I had done something wrong when he called me into the office and asked me if I would help him out on a new installation. I quickly agreed to help him out. I couldn’t believe it when we pulled the vans up in front of the bank. They had two armed guards, the bank president and one teller, all waiting for us. Before we went into the building, we had to have every piece of equipment inspected. We went through the metal detectors. It took them nearly an hour to get through all of the red tape before we could get inside the building. Every time we had to go back to the van, we had to go through the same spiel. We were escorted by one of the armed guards even when we had to use the restrooms. By the time we were finished, it took us over twelve hours to get the furnace installed, and normally it would have only taken about three to four hours. My boss patted me on the back and thanked me for the help. After breakfast, he told me to take off the next two days with pay and he gave me a couple of extra bucks. It’s normal to work overtime, but this was a perk I wasn’t expecting. I found that you really could be friends with your boss.
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