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I think the air conditioning unit was possessed

My partner and I barely go anywhere when we need to spend the night.

I have this amazingly comfortable bed at home and I don’t see any reason to spend the night away from home if we don’t need to.

Last month we went sailing with some friends of ours. We knew the regatta was that same weekend so my friends went ahead and made reservations at one of the local hotels. It was nice to know that we didn’t need to leave that night and come right back the next morning. When we got off the boat, we decided to head back to the hotel so we could shower before heading out to dinner. The first thing I did was to turn on the air conditioning so it could get cooler in the room. I walked into the bathroom to hop into the shower while my partner shaved. He said that when he walked out into the room, he thought I was crazy. He knew I had said I had turned on the air conditioning but it was off. He headed back to shave and when I was done in the shower, I went out to get dressed. Once again the air conditioning was turned off. Neither of us were sure what was happening with the air conditioning, but it made us feel a bit creepy. We turned the air conditioning back on and laid down for a nap hoping we didn’t see any spectres come floating through the room to turn the air conditioning off again. The AC was still running when we got back into the room, after we had our dinner.


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