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My energy bills were through the roof and I needed a fix

I don’t know if I am the only one to blame, but my energy bills have been spectacularly high over the last couple of months.

I know that my energy bills are always high in the summer because I like to keep the air conditioning set low.

I love coming home from work and knowing that it is still sixty-eight in the apartment. If the temperature is any warmer than sixty-eight I am so uncomfortable. I wanted to make sure that when I got home it was just as comfortable as when I left. I didn’t really care about what my landlord would say, but I had a lot of worry about my next energy bill. I was talking to a friend of mine and he told me they were having a sale on the programmable digital thermostats. He suggested I get a programmable digital thermostat and put it in the house. I told him I had a perfectly good thermostat and I couldn’t afford to waste good money when it was to replace a thermostat that was working well. He told me that with a programmable thermostat I could set the temperature and have the thermostat start cooling the house before I got home. Right before I left for work, the temperature would begin to slowly go up. I could even set different programs for the weekend when I was home. I am hoping this new thermostat does the job he is promising it will do. It would be nice to have a comfortable apartment and still be able to save money on my energy bills..

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