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Not enough room for ductwork or decorations

I have this tiny little crawlspace that I call an attic.

It is barely high enough for my son to stand up in, but I can barely crawl on my hands and knees.

Needless to say, I still use the attic for my Halloween decorations. I love Halloween so much that if I was told I had to pick either Halloween or Christmas, I would choose Halloween. My attic is jammed full with Halloween decorations and what doesn’t fit in the attic, is in my garage. This past Halloween, I wanted to get the yard lights out of the attic. I love my yard lights because they look like Zombie parts. When the lights come on, they actually move from the heat. I knew I had them in the attic, so I sent my son up to look for them. I stood with my head looking into the attic as he push things around. He yelled that he had found them and started pushing them toward me when I heard a tearing sound. I could feel the air whooshing into the attic. Somehow, the stick from the Zombie parts had gotten lodge against the ductwork and when my son pulled on it, it poked a hole into the ductwork. I knew I had to call the HVAC company and have the ductwork repaired. I quickly tossed my son a roll of duct tape and told him to put it over the hole in the ductwork. I was hoping it would keep the heat from rushing out into the attic until the HVAC company arrived.


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