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Our schedule didn’t allow for HVAC problems

Our children are all into summer sports and it can make for a very hectic summer. It seems that every weekend is filled with non-stop running. We go from one sporting event to another and then we end up at a band recital or some kind of practice. We’re lucky if we are even home for a meal, let alone having time to wait for an HVAC technician. That is what happened last weekend. We were on our way to the next soccer game when my wife realized we didn’t have the lunch basket with us. We were only five miles from the house, so I offered to head back to the house and pick it up. I got into the house and I was really surprised to feel how warm it was in the house. I tried the thermostat, hoping I would be able to toggle the air conditioning into working, but it didn’t help. I knew we had been having a few problems with the air conditioning, but I didn’t think it was this bad. I called the HVAC company and I asked if there was some way they could come right out to the house. They told me it wouldn’t be until Monday. There wasn’t anything I could do to change the circumstances, so I left the thermostat turned really low and I headed back to the soccer game. I guess I was hoping that the air conditioning unit would respond if I turned the thermostat really low, but I was wrong. When we got home, it was even hotter in the house and I told my wife the HVAC company would be there first thing Monday morning.

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