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The HVAC company gave me a chance

After the third product show, he asked me why I settled for these jobs

I didn’t plan on being a drug addict or going to jail. I wanted to be someone who worked with cyber security. No one was more surprised than me when I went to jail for trying to run from the police so I wasn’t caught while getting high. For the next six years, I was constantly high or in jail. When I got out, I never realized how hard it was going to be to get back into society. It was bad enough to be a drug addict and have that stuck on your head, but it was even worse to have ex-convict attached to it. I really wanted to stay sober and I wanted to be able to get a job, but no one wanted me because I was trustworthy. I fell on some luck when I walked into a convention hall and began to talk to an HVAC technician. He took me over to his booth and he asked if I would be interested in a weekend gig. They were having an HVAC product show and they needed someone to sit in the booth and take names. I must have done a good job because the owner of the HVAC company asked me if I would be interested in attending another HVAC product show. After the third product show, he asked me why I settled for these jobs. I was honest with him and told him the truth. He told me that if I were still sober at the end of a year, he would take a chance on me and take me on while putting me in an apprentice position.


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