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Clothing store owner

I run a high-end clothing store in the middle of downtown.

I get top brands for good prices and my customers are among the most loyal. Besides the good prices on quality clothes, I do my best to keep my customers happy. I provide a nice area to sit and sip wine while they shop. The environment is classy and comfortable. A great deal of that comfort comes from the store being the right temperature at all times. I have a smart thermostat now so that I can adjust the temperature whenever I sense that people are getting too hot or too cold. If I don’t have a good air conditioner pumping cool air through the building, the customers will leave. No one wants to try on clothes if they’re sweaty! On the flipside, when it’s winter, I have to be sure that my furnace is going to do its job and make my customers feel cozy. The smart thermostat has been a great investment. My store wasn’t always this way. When I first purchased the location the HVAC system was very outdated. I called the HVAC provider who services the HVAC system at my home–they’re the best– and they had an HVAC technician at the store within the hour. The HVAC technician recommended that I replace the entire HVAC system. The HVAC company offered me a good deal to replace both the furnace and air conditioner, so I took them up on it. Everything is running very smoothly now, and my customers couldn’t be happier with the products or the temperature.


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