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Having very bad flu symptoms I am sensitive to just about anything in the world.

However when our flu symptoms had been getting particularly out of hand during our own home I knew something was wrong, i needed to figure out what was happening. I had a feeling it was some kind of air quality issue going on in our house, however I was not about to invest thoUSands of dollars into a whole home air purification method or anything like that until I knew for sure what was going on, then after all, if an entire home air purification method was not the answer to our problems, then that would be thoUSands of bucks right down the toilet! So what I needed to do was buy myself an air quality patrol type of person, however with an air quality monitor it would provide me the answers I am looking for & I would think for sure exactly what in the world was going on. Due to this I purchased the air quality monitor & as I thought, it was a matter of having particularly low grade air quality… This prompted me to invest those thoUSands of dollars to get a whole home air cleaner. As bad as the air quality monitor was studying, there was no chance that a portable air purification method was going to do the trick. I called the heating & supplier & ordered their best whole home air purification unit that I can spend our savings for in biweekly installments over the next four or five years. So this should standard all these issues I have been having.

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