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We need to find the problem

Having extremely bad dust problems I am sensitive to nearly anything in the world, then but when my dust irritations had been getting really out of hand during my own cabin I knew something was wrong, and i needed to figure out what was going on.

I started to get a feeling it was some kind of indoor air pollen level issue going on in my house, but I was not about to invest thousands of dollars into a whole cabin air cleaner or anything to appreciate that until I knew for sure what was going on.

Come to think of it, if a whole cabin air cleaner was not the answer to my concerns, that would be thousands of bucks right down the toilet! So what I needed to do was buy myself an indoor air pollen levels monitor; With an indoor air pollen levels check it would give me the answers I am looking for and I would guess for sure exactly what in the world was going on, but so I purchased the indoor air pollen levels monitor and as I had thought earlier, it was only a matter of having really low grade indoor air pollen levels. This ended up making me invest those thousands of dollars to get a whole cabin air cleaner. As terrible as the indoor air pollen levels monitor was reading, there was no way a portable air cleaner was going to do the trick. I called the heating and air conditioning supplier and ordered their most well known cabin air cleaner that I can pay for in quarterly installments over the next three or four years. So this should correct all these issues I have been having.

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