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A crazy cold murder

The other day, I was watching an interesting murder mystery show. There was a frozen body that they found at a construction site. They believed that whomever dumped the body was trying to get it into the concrete, but they missed. Seemed like an amateur type of job. It turned out that the body that was frozen was a lady who had been missing for over 5 years. They had to bring in an advanced portable heater to help thaw the frozen body safely. They also were using a powerful air purification system to help control the smell of the body. It turned out that this body was definitely somebody who was murdered, and so the murder investigation got started. It turned out that the lady was killed because it was discovered by her husband that she was having an affair. He actually murdered her while their children were still in the apartment. Because he couldn’t sneak her body out and get rid of it, he decided to put her in a room inside of a freezer. He cranked the A/C up in that room so there would be no decaying smell while he figured out how to get rid of the body. He also lit candles and used an air purifier for the potential smell. He eventually had the freezer shipped to a rental location where he kept the A/C up and an air purifier working regularly. The body remained in this rental location for over 5 years… The interesting twist is that the father of the lady who was murdered ended up murdering his son-in-law who murdered his daughter.
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