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I sure miss that old guy with the great mind

I once knew a seasoned old-timer that worked at a junkyard down the street from me. The sizable junkyard had a big dog in addition to many cool items. My friends in addition to myself used to climb the fence to look at the classic car. I found out that the owner of the junkyard was a retired Heating and Cooling specialist. It’s no wonder there was almost a thousand different central heating and cooling units scattered around the junkyard. I actually thought some of these things were kind of cool and I started to learn more about heating an addition to cooling plans. I could tell that the old guy thought these things were sacred in addition to he told me a lot about the jobs that he used to complete back in the old days. People I was with in addition to myself became great friends with this guy. He’s the reason why we eventually decided to go into heating and cooling work in the first place. None of us would have anticipated that the old-timer would die abruptly and leave the junkyard and all of its contents to the people I was with in addition to myself. That is precisely what happened, and now I have quite a lucrative business at the junkyard. I mostly refurbish old Heating and Cooling equipment. The people I was with an addition to myself feel honored to take care of all of these things in addition to the old Junkyard Dog. Even though many of us are sad to see the season timer gone, we will continue to let his legacy live on day by day.


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