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Moved online business to an office set up

When I took over a digital marketing business, I was informed that all the people worked from home.

The past business owner told me to get rid of all the people as well as start fresh because they were so terrible at their jobs.

The work they gave was not good as well as always late. I decided to give the crew a choice to keep their jobs. I told every person they could stay on if they were willing to report in person from now on. They could wear workout gear to work, but they needed to report directly. I kept around fifty percent of the staff as well as it has been really going great. Having the team in person means I can monitor content as well as ensure the projects are turned in when I want. Getting a commercial office area for rent wasn’t difficult at all either. I found a big building for rent right in the middle of the city. I then got the first floor office spaces all for our business. Every worker has their own office space. They can set up their laptops, screens as well as have shelves for all their papers. They can close a door to take an office call as well as shut their shades to have no distractions. Most of our employees are ecstatic with the office they have. They like the routine of going to work as well as being in a focused area to do their work.

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