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My travelling plans were canceled, but I’m at peace with everything

I am retired, but I have to admit, this pandemic has shook me up a little bit.

I actually was planning a nice trip through the airbnb service, but regrettably, that service has been temporarily shut down. I can’t imagine the business these people must be losing. I decided to cancel my travelling plans altogether, however it is a shame. The place I booked was in a really amazing location with the most comfortable living arrangements. The HVAC system was incredibly advanced with radiant heated floors, a smart thermostat, and a cooling system with rapid cooling. There were also remote control fireplaces in the location, along with a nice bathroom with a jacuzzi hot tub inside. I was going to have a great time, but instead, I am here stuck at home. It hasn’t been so terrible for me, I still have my library filled with books and I have a nice fireplace that I am able to enjoy reading in front of. I wanted to get to a lot of books I never read yet anyway, and this situation has allowed me to do just that. To be perfectly honest, I have never felt so peaceful and relaxed. I’m glad that I have my fireplace to keep me comfortable, and I just read for hours and hours. I have kept up with my family members on the phone to make sure that everybody is okay. I have recommended that they all get UV air purifiers in their homes, just to be on the safe side. I already have a powerful UV air purification in my home, and I know it will kill any viruses that try to invade my health.
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