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Rented a yacht for our fishing trip with a fancy climate control system

When my buddies and I wanted to go fishing, we decided that we would rent a yacht.

We didn’t go for anything over the top, but it was still a really fancy boat.

The thing I loved the most was that the indoor section of the yacht had the best climate control system with radiant heated floors and a cooling system that had rapid cooling technology. There was also a smart thermostat so we could adjust the temperature control easily with our smartphones. This was honestly a great way to save energy. While we were enjoying our time fishing in the back of the boat, we could easily just keep the temperature control at minimal settings. Then when we were going to take a food break, we could easily adjust the temperature control settings and the rapid cooling would kick in. That rapid cooling made the indoor section of the boat perfectly cool in minutes. It’s such a fancy boat and I honestly wish I could own something like that, of course it’s way too costly for my budget. The cost alone to store the boat would be outrageous enough for me. Of course, my buddies and I had the best time on our fishing trip and we all agreed that we would do this at least once per year moving forward. It honestly doesn’t have to be anything overly fancy, but I do want to have a climate control system on every boat we decide to rent for our fishing trips. It doesn’t need to have rapid cooling technology either, just something that keeps us comfortable.

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